Four weeks before your moving date
De-clutter your house! Make a list of the items that you want to move and try to dispose of the rest by giving to friends/family, donating to charity or recycling.
Make a list of the utility companies that you need to notify and contact them to let them know that you are moving.
If you are renting a house give notice to your landlord to avoid any extra rental that you need to pay after you move out.

Two weeks before your moving date
Dismantle self-assembly furniture, unless we have agreed to do this for you
Arrange to have the gas, electricity, telephone and water meters read
Empty the loft unless we have agreed to do this for you
Take down sheds, greenhouse, etc, if you intend to take them with you, empty fuel from lawnmowers/motor cycles
Take down any fixtures and fittings that you are taking with you
Begin packing items that you rarely use to reduce the amount of time you need for packing later on
Make a list with all of the furniture and where it will go in your new home
Notify your local authority that you are moving
Contact the post office to redirect your mails

One week before your moving date
Pack all items that you will not need between now and the day you move
Make a list of friends, family, relatives and companies, authorities that you want to notify about your move
Cancel or redirect all deliveries such as papers, milk
Put important and valuable items such as passports, jewellery, driving license and certificates in a safe place
Obtain a new TV license or transfer existing TV license to your new home

The day before your moving date
Finish all final packing and prepare a kit with essential items such as toilet paper, mugs, tea bags, spare light bulbs etc
Check with your utility suppliers whether you have got electricity, gas, telephone, Internet, TV
Defrost the fridge/freezer and disconnect all appliances
Have a good nights sleep

On the moving day
Turn off electricity, gas and water supplies at the mains and disconnect all appliances
Lock all windows, doors and any other entrances to the house
After everything has been loading on the removal vehicle, have a quick look inside to make sure you do not leave anything behind
Ensure that the we have directions to your new house and a phone number to contact you. Agree a time of arrival
Arrive at your new property, with the keys, before the removal van

Once you have moved in your new home
Move the boxes to the correct rooms/places where they are supposed to be
Unpack all the items starting with the most relevant, first.
Check and make sure electricity, water, gas, telephone, TV, Internet and other utilities are running.